Today, My Tart Warmer Died

Made in China Tart Warmer.

One of my two tart warmers died today! I have never had that happen. I am speaking of an electronic tart warmer of course. I suppose a non electric, tea light powered warmer could die also if it broke. Now, however, I am more into the electric tart warmers. They have no black soot, last longer in terms of keeping the fragrance going as well.

It was beige, with cute little sunflowers around the rim. I will miss it, and double checked several times that it was indeed dead. There was no heat coming from the base no matter what I did.

I was going to look to see who made this piece that I loved so much, but all it said was, "Made in China." People have different thoughts on things, and so wanted to share that I will be on the lookout for a new tart warmer. Any suggestions?