Pink Sands Wax Tart Review

Pink Sands Wax Tart by Yankee Candle is brand new to me. I had never tried it before, but it caught my attention a couple of times in stores like Hallmark and Yankee Candle.

Looking a bit closer at the jar, I loved the color and picture, but that is only worth "so much" with candles and wax tarts. I smelled it and was blown away. From an initial sniff, I could tell that this is one nice fragrance, very lovely though hard to describe.

Now that I brought the tart home, and put it in the tart burner, it is very strong for a soft fragrance and is scenting my house very nicely! It is beautiful. I turned the burner off, to try and "conserve" some of that initial intensity in the oils, so that I could make it last. Later on, I leave them on for hours at at time. For now, the smell lingers in the air. I love that in a wax tart.

It reminds me somewhat of the beach, with a slight floral perhaps, or fruity fragrance, though both of those fail to really describe it well to me. I CAN say, that I will be purchasing this again in the future. It is a very nice wax tart, and the candle is even more beautiful as you see the color and picture at least on the jars. Highly recommended.

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