Milk and Cookies Tart

Milk and Cookies Tart Review Yankee Candle Company is brilliant about coming up with new and fun scents to try, and this one seemed no different. In fact, what a fun idea this sounds like, right? Milk and cookies? What could possibly be wrong with it? Well, it turns out that it is not a "winner" for me. In fact, the fragrance "took me back" to some other time, and reminded me of a sweet pipe smell! Do you remember ever smelling that kind of fun smell of a pipe, the fragrance wafting in the distance? It is a lot of fun that way. Subsequent burnings, smelled even a little different, and I have to say this is not only not a favorite, I just don't like it very much. There isn't any other way of really putting it. So, I won't be buying this again for a couple of reasons. As I suspected, Yankee pulled this fragrance as it probably didn't make the "testing" round, where they test fragrances for a time. I checked their site, it isn't to be found there. Still, don't despair if you hope to try it. I would try other sources, like Ebay, etc. Its kind of fun, just not my favorite cookie fragrance they have, or baked good, etc. It never hurts to try a new tart from Yankee however!

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