Sparkling Lemon - Yankee Candle Wax Tart Review

I absolutely love anything lemon.  From pies to candles to wax tarts, I simply love lemon.  I grew up with a lemon tree in my backyard that was a profuse producer of lemons.  Perhaps this is part of it, I don't know for sure.  I do know I miss that tree!

So I got this wax tart for a great deal, and I don't know the age of it when I melted it in my warmer.  I have to say that with all that was going on that day and week, I smelled it after I forgot I had it burning.  My mind wanted to find out what that great smell was!  It was a great citrus smell, I told myself.  Then the duh, or a-ha moment!  My new wax tart melt!  It literally brought a smile to my face, I really loved this little tart.

It is crisp and full of citrus, but something else as well.  I am not sure what it is, but I do know I loved it. It of course isn't like the lemon with baked goods kind of smell, though I love those too. 

I would definitely get this one again.  I have it in a large jar candle as well, which I can't wait to burn. I did wonder at the picture on the packaging of a lemon slice that looks like it is splashing into water. That doesn't do much for me, but no matter, the smell was amazing!

Today, My Tart Warmer Died

Made in China Tart Warmer.

One of my two tart warmers died today! I have never had that happen. I am speaking of an electronic tart warmer of course. I suppose a non electric, tea light powered warmer could die also if it broke. Now, however, I am more into the electric tart warmers. They have no black soot, last longer in terms of keeping the fragrance going as well.

It was beige, with cute little sunflowers around the rim. I will miss it, and double checked several times that it was indeed dead. There was no heat coming from the base no matter what I did.

I was going to look to see who made this piece that I loved so much, but all it said was, "Made in China." People have different thoughts on things, and so wanted to share that I will be on the lookout for a new tart warmer. Any suggestions?

Asian Plum Melts

Asian Plum Mia Melts - By Mia Bella - A Review This has been a fragrance that I have loved using when I am in the mood for it. It is a little on the strong side, but in a good way. There is a lot of "throw", or fragrance that gets disbursed when I melt these in my wax potpourri burner. I may not have ever purchased these on my own. They were won, in a private auction fund raiser, where I got a lot of different Mia Bella candles, which included a couple of their melts. The melts were Asian plum, and I believe a butter cream vanilla one. At any rate, it has been a few years ago since I first got these. Candle fragrances may fade some in time, but I found these Asian Plum melts to keep on lasting strong, for a very long time. That is some real value there! You can even melt this, get enough fragrance, then turn it off and save the fragrance and some energy and have a lingering fragrance in your house or room. I might purchase these in the future, and if you are considering buying some, I would recommend you try them at least one time. Yes, its a strong flower fragrance, but not so overwhelming you can't handle it. It is rather spicy and fruity element to it also, and more of a combination than say a straight, strong rose flower smell.

Milk and Cookies Tart

Milk and Cookies Tart Review Yankee Candle Company is brilliant about coming up with new and fun scents to try, and this one seemed no different. In fact, what a fun idea this sounds like, right? Milk and cookies? What could possibly be wrong with it? Well, it turns out that it is not a "winner" for me. In fact, the fragrance "took me back" to some other time, and reminded me of a sweet pipe smell! Do you remember ever smelling that kind of fun smell of a pipe, the fragrance wafting in the distance? It is a lot of fun that way. Subsequent burnings, smelled even a little different, and I have to say this is not only not a favorite, I just don't like it very much. There isn't any other way of really putting it. So, I won't be buying this again for a couple of reasons. As I suspected, Yankee pulled this fragrance as it probably didn't make the "testing" round, where they test fragrances for a time. I checked their site, it isn't to be found there. Still, don't despair if you hope to try it. I would try other sources, like Ebay, etc. Its kind of fun, just not my favorite cookie fragrance they have, or baked good, etc. It never hurts to try a new tart from Yankee however!

Orange Dreamsicle Wax Tart

Orange Dreamsicle Wax Potpourri Tart Review - Yankee Candle Company put out a really fun looking candle and wax tart a few months back, called Orange Dreamsicle. I had to smell it. It smelled heavenly of course, so I purchased one. There was no way I wasn't going to try this tart! I opted for the tart over the candle, but I usually love both equally, it just depends on what I want it for. Well, when I melted it in my wax potpourri burner, I wasn't disappointed! It did indeed smell as good as I thought it would, maybe even better. So I loved it. Now for the down side. It didn't have a lot of "throw" (or fragrance dispersing over a good sized area), for starters. So that was even ok though, as I often don't want a fragrance that is overpowering, or letting it be known I am burning a candle so all can smell it, and that kind of thing. The part I was most disappointed about, was its lasting value. It wasn't long, before the fragrance was just burned off, and then completely gone. If I am not mistaken, it may have even been the single shortest lasting fragrance diffuser I have ever used. I might try the candle version, as I love the fragrance so much, and perhaps that would last more. If I wasn't sure though, that it wouldn't burn off so quickly, I may not ever get this one again. Do try it once if you like this kind of fragrance, they did nail that pretty well!

Pink Sands Wax Tart Review

Pink Sands Wax Tart by Yankee Candle is brand new to me. I had never tried it before, but it caught my attention a couple of times in stores like Hallmark and Yankee Candle.

Looking a bit closer at the jar, I loved the color and picture, but that is only worth "so much" with candles and wax tarts. I smelled it and was blown away. From an initial sniff, I could tell that this is one nice fragrance, very lovely though hard to describe.

Now that I brought the tart home, and put it in the tart burner, it is very strong for a soft fragrance and is scenting my house very nicely! It is beautiful. I turned the burner off, to try and "conserve" some of that initial intensity in the oils, so that I could make it last. Later on, I leave them on for hours at at time. For now, the smell lingers in the air. I love that in a wax tart.

It reminds me somewhat of the beach, with a slight floral perhaps, or fruity fragrance, though both of those fail to really describe it well to me. I CAN say, that I will be purchasing this again in the future. It is a very nice wax tart, and the candle is even more beautiful as you see the color and picture at least on the jars. Highly recommended.

Stay Tuned, more coming very soon!

More to come very soon

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