Asian Plum Melts

Asian Plum Mia Melts - By Mia Bella - A Review This has been a fragrance that I have loved using when I am in the mood for it. It is a little on the strong side, but in a good way. There is a lot of "throw", or fragrance that gets disbursed when I melt these in my wax potpourri burner. I may not have ever purchased these on my own. They were won, in a private auction fund raiser, where I got a lot of different Mia Bella candles, which included a couple of their melts. The melts were Asian plum, and I believe a butter cream vanilla one. At any rate, it has been a few years ago since I first got these. Candle fragrances may fade some in time, but I found these Asian Plum melts to keep on lasting strong, for a very long time. That is some real value there! You can even melt this, get enough fragrance, then turn it off and save the fragrance and some energy and have a lingering fragrance in your house or room. I might purchase these in the future, and if you are considering buying some, I would recommend you try them at least one time. Yes, its a strong flower fragrance, but not so overwhelming you can't handle it. It is rather spicy and fruity element to it also, and more of a combination than say a straight, strong rose flower smell.

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